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CommView: Click & Go!

Starting a Packet Capture for the First Time

Ok, CommView has been launched and you see the application window in front of you. All you need to do to start your first packet capture is to select the adapter you want to monitor from the drop-down list. You may have one or several adapters. If you're on a corporate LAN, you typically have only one adapter, and if you're at home, one of the adapters may connect you to the cable modem, another one to the second PC, and the dial-up adapter (it's a virtual adapter) may be used to connect to the Internet via the telephone line using an ADSL or old analog modem.

Adapter selection

Made your choice? Good, let's click Start Capture; you won't have a difficulty finding it on the program's toolbar:

Network monitor tool bar

If you accidentally select the wrong adapter – it's ok.You will quickly notice that you selected the wrong adapter because you won't see any packets after clicking Start Capture.

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